Edivence of Editing: “Welcome to Jurassic Park”

Video – “Welcome to Jurassic Park”



  • I noticed that there was an L-Cut at 1:40 in the clip
  • I noticed there was audio from the brachiosaurus playing at 2:16 to make a J-cut

The Clip

I like this clip becasue it shows one huge brachiosaurus and then shows the character who is a palientologist who is shocked and amazed to see such an extinct creature back on its feet living again. They get up close to the brachiosaur and from the camera shot given it shows the 3 characters up close with only showing the bottom half of the dinosaur looking up at it. Then the camera shot changes looking upward showing the upper half to show how massive it is with the characters still in the frame. After that happens there is a wide shot showing the full brachiosaurus. Then towards the endo of the clip there is a view of a whole field of dinosaurs, and since we got up close to see the massiveness of the brachiosaurus we can have a good idea of how large all of the dinosaurs are in the field by a lake is. Which really really is what makes this clip from the movie so impactfull how it shows these details whithout us knowing it.


What I learned

I learned from this weeks excersize that there is 7 rules to make a good film. Having emotion, story, rhythm, eye trace, 180 degree rule, continuity of space, and breathing space between scenes with alot of action or intense knowledge gained in a short period of time.


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