Story of Film – Episode 2 – The Hollywood Dream

Episode 2 – The Hollywood Dream

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1918-1928: The Triumph of American Film…

shows light being used in a studio

one of first feature length films by C.Chaplin

entertainment and politics

Story of Film – Episode 1 – Birth of the Cinema

Birth of the Cinema

Episode 1 – Birth of the Cinema[edit]

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-peacefull beach in Ireland to film, brought bullets and explosives

-have us feel we’re there

-Studio sets arent classical

-too perfectly staged

-zoomed in ideas expanded

1895-1918: The World Discovers a New Art Form or Birth of the Cinema

-Workers leaving factory, the first

-Movies shown to a crowd not just inside a box, but projected

-one of the first films, a train coming toward the screen

-first tracking shot

-one of first filmed sports

1903-1918: The Thrill Becomes Story or The Hollywood Dream

-cuts between two storylines at once

-parrallel editing

-to build tention and cut between two stories

-one of first reverse angle shots

-when looking away, a look back at the person from a new perspective

-when started to show peoples faces more clearly

-used light to his advantage

-Made a greatd multi film

-first test of youth and glamor

-atracted people to see

-looking at people in different shots

-one looks at one side, one the other

-Vader looks at a person off the shot, then switched to an officer looking back at him in another shot

-One of the first movie directors

-first dramatic art film

-shows movie

-one of first films showng fear

-a civil war film, one of the first

-one of first dolly shots

-storylines intertwining