Developing Quality Workflow

Developing Quality Workflow


What is Workflow?

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Work•flow /ˈwərkflō/

“The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.” –

Workflow is the cycle of how people get things done.

Stages of Creation Development


How do we find ideas to develop?

We find ideas by walking around and sometimes we just have an idea come in mind. To find a good process I would think of an idea and then branch off and find other ones. It really depends how you think and what process works for you personally. To measure quality you probably should look at how detailed the ideas are and if that will bea good idea to use. In my opinion I ththink that anyone who sees or hears your idea is the judge of what the quality is.



How do we clarify our specific goal(s) for a project?

We can clarify by colaborating. That is a tool that we should use in group projects. But for solo projects I think that you need to look at a goal and which one is the most reasonable. The quality of the goal is what you make it, if you wanna make a video and say as a goal you want to make it 1h long. That will be a pain to watch, but if it is 10min. That would be a better goal. Quality of goals is hard, but you can make it what you want it to.


How can we brainwrite, brainstorm, storyboard, and plan our ideas at this phase?

Use of paper and typing on a google doc is a very good way to make a brainstorm. Overall paper is the best way to go because you can remember more of what you write. That is where you should brainwrite, brainstorm, and the storyboard. In this case you would measure your quality on how you wrote and brainstormed. Production

How do we communicate with each other and execute our plan for this phase? This is where we actually make the project.

We should use email or use a shared google doc to communicate to see everyones ideas. To judge this you will have to collaborate on how well your group has shared ideas and plans.



How do we communicate with each other and execute our final stages of the project for this phase? This is where we publish the project.

For finalizing the project you should showw off the final project after finished to double check if there is any changes you want made. If not, then go ahead and submit the video.


How do we share our project with our learning community, advisory members, and the world?

We should use Vimeo and YouTube to show our videos to the world and just to share with people who want to see it. The quality to do this is just to publish the video and if there is problems then that will be obvious that there is an issue. The world will measure your quality.



How do we conduct a feedback session at the end of the project development cycle?

By talking or emailing to someone on how they did on a certain project.


Recipe For Success: Harrison Ford

Recipe For Success: PLACE PERSON’s Harrison Ford

Who is one of your mentors?

Harrison Ford




Image of Harrison Fordyg

picture from wikipedia

Born: July 14, 1942

Place: Chicago, Illinois

Personal Success Definition

I define success when a person creates something amazing and shows or shares it to the world around them to make it better.

Harrison Ford is a very successful actor and he is in really good movies and has worked with the best directors ever. He is in popular movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, he really brings the adventure into a film when you see him in a movie. By bing in those movies and I am sure many others, this is what led him to be a successful actor.

Skills for Success

Harrison Ford is a actor. Early in life he was a boyscout(1) and he began his acting career in L.A. in 1964. He got his first acting job with Columbia Pictures by playing bit roles in films(2). He also is a carpenter which allowed him to make things(3).

How They Used These Skills

Harrison Ford used all of those skills he has learned in his job because with his expierience playing small acting rolls at Columbia Pictures. This allowed him to have the ability to be apart of a production in Hollywood. He is also a film producer which means that he helps select certain choices that need to made during a production. He has won many awards through his career. That is what led to his success.

Challenges Overcome

Harrison Ford had a tough time before it got casted in American Graffiti. Then after that George Lucas casted him as Han Solo in Star Wars and that kicked off Harrison Ford to his success. After that he was in Indian Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark And was very good in that movie.

Significant Work

video from youtube on 10/1/2020

This a famous scene from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Harrison Ford plays as Han Solo, he has alot of time on screen during this movie. He played in Indian Jones as well, after Star Wars.